We render services that meet
our clients’ needs with our
innovative solutions.


Innovative Idea Services

Idea fine tuning is one of the major services we render. All you need do is trust us with your idea, share it with us and we will help fine tune it to a well innovative, overwhelming package that will earn you your dream in terms of fulfillment and commercial value.


This is an on air broadcast content, geared towards entertaining, informing and educating. But most importantly, providing therapy to large audience.

Business Strategist

We have a handful of business strategist we work with. Thus IDEASCOPE MEDIA & SERVICES helps with your business consultations, implementations and referrals.


Sporting activities is what we encourage everyone to take part in. as important and relevant most sports are, our major focus is SQUASH. After studies and research, Squash has been ranked world healthiest sport.

Considering our mission, goal, aim and objective, squash as a sport is our major focus. Through our sub media platform NAIJA SQUASH MEDIA (www.naijasquashmedia.com) we unveil the uniqueness of Squash as a sport to the world, pass information on every of it activities and event to as many people we can reach via our site and social media handles; INSTAGRAM @9JASQUASH_MEDIA, TWITTER @9JASQUASHMEDIA, FACEBOOK @9JASQUASHMEDIA.

Life Coach

Our LIFE COACH is always available to provide life therapy, inspire and motivate you on every life affairs.

LIFE COACH caters for different social, mental, physical or personal challenges. Be it depression, poor sexual life, relationship matters, academic challenges, temperament etc. You can get all the information you need for an improved life style on our BLOG

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