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We are an African media outfit that provide Content Creation, Social Media Management, Digital Marketing and Event Hosting services

Telling African Stories  to people who wants more…

At Ideascope Media, we use our core services to tell African stories.


What We Offer

We render services that meet our clients’ needs with our
innovative solutions. These offerings are tied into the core of our services.

Content Creation

We create Afrocentric contents with the goal to changing and reconstructing the African narrative.


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Social Media Mgt.

Social media is the new business hub. Engage us to manage your social media accounts by creating contents and…


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Digital Marketing

Leverage digital platforms to advertise your brand, products and services to millions of potential customers…


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Event Hosting

After an event, everyone leaves  but the memories linger forever. Let us make your event a tale of good memories.


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Our Services

Innovative Idea Services: Idea fine-tuning is one of the major services we render. All you need do is trust us with your idea, share it with us and we will help fine-tune it to a well innovative, overwhelming package that will earn you your dream in terms of fulfilment and commercial value.

Sport: Sporting activities is what we encourage everyone to take part in. as important and relevant most sports are, our major focus is SQUASH. After studies and research, Squash has been ranked world healthiest sport.

Entertainment: This is an on-air broadcast content, geared towards entertaining, informing

What We Want to Do

Our Aims & Objectives

As media platform involved in innovative services in entertainment, sports and life therapy we are focused on the following core



Use entertainment as a means of communication and therapy


Squash Sport

Unveil the uniqueness of squash as a sport to the world.


Sporting Activities

Promoting sporting activities

About Us

Who We Are

A media platform that involves in innovative idea services, entertainment, sports and life therapy. Idea, they say rules the world. In our organization we only do not see idea as what rules the world, we believe idea is the world…

Idea they say rules the world. In our organization we only do not see idea as what rules the world, we believe idea is the world.

IDEA is basically a conception, an abstract archetype of a given thing, any result of mental activity in the mind, thought, notion, intention, and plan for doing something.

In IDEASCOPE MEDIA we render services that cover the breadth, depth or reach of human perception towards development through our media platform which serves as our means of communication to the world.

Want to Tell Your Story?

Talk to us, let’s help you tell your stories to the world.

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