The PMB led government should have made available basic amenities to give hope to the common man before applying this acidic strategy. Security, road & power should be point of focus for startups. Take for instance, Mr X ventured into Agro business, bought farm produce like Tomatoes and egg from a farm worth of 500k which he got from a bank to be paid back within a year with about 20% S.I. On his way back from the farm, the truck he rented ran into a porthole (supposedly had been there since GEJ/PDP era) & capsized damaging 90% of the entire goods purchased. Now his maths has failed him, though his instinct might have warned him but he chose to be part of the risk takers trusting the gov policies to favor him running SME. Mr X is back to square 1. Root cause is simply bad government policies that is not aiming more at putting basic amenities in place first which is meant to favour all and not just the rich. Good road, security, power is for all, every other thing can then follow whilst we tax and get enough IGR.
 Any Nation that more than 70% of her citizens are without hope is a failed Nation & may cause the citizens to go into a state of exigency such that they will find it difficult to comply on any reform.
You can’t replace Exergy with Anergy. No matter what, you need to utilize what is available to enable that which ought to be available & not the other way round. The present leadership is taking Anergy for Exergy, harnessing from the masses on what isn’t available. This act seem equal to extortion & I hope the present administration knows what they are doing. Personally am upset & disappointed with the leadership of the day but still have to keep praying for my leaders knowing fully well they are also humans. For few of us who still believe & hope for a greater, better #Naija , join me say #GodblessNigeria.
#prayforyourleaders  🤞🏻
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