You’ll be shocked to hear what men do for a token.

The deadliest disease in the world is coronary artery disease (CAD). However, Cancer seems to be more popular among the world’s deadliest diseases. So I took my time to check the first 10 deadliest diseases & I think #WHO was wrong.

Poverty is the deadliest, & dreadful disease in the world, it’s highly contagious & I think all other diseases should come after this sinful infection. It takes the fundamental Humanistic nature from you in exchange for an Animalistic nature. It’s an infection of the mind, that becomes a disease & takes over your life.
The Nigerian government has materialized & weaponized poverty & the Youths are the victims of this deliberate act.
Basic amenities like Food, Shelter, Healthcare, Education need to be made available for all citizens. This to me is the first step to reducing the increasing rate of insecurity in the Nation. ~OIA✊🏽

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