In this part of the world, to say you want to “REST” is weird except you are dead. Most times, people assume you are lazy & not Productive whenever you choose to REST.

What is REST?
A state characterized by minimal functional and metabolic activities
a. Freedom from unproductive activity, labor, or exertion.
b. peace of mind
c. Zero anxiety.

1.REST is imperative, we should deliberately include REST in our daily schedule.
2.Proper planning & delegation aid REST, improves routine activities & productivity.
3.Avoids unhealthy competition that will put you under duress.
4.Ability to REST is a gift, it paves room for new ideas, insight into problem-solving, calibrate your brain to align with your mind.
5.Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, paying attention to your diet & eating habits by eating healthy is a way we can help put our body’s metabolism to proper REST in due time.
6.Available for action or accomplishment.
7.Improves confidence & Trust in one’s ability.

REST is an integral part of the creation and the foundational principle that governs the earth. God wants us well, body, soul, and spirit.

To rest do not necessarily mean ‘Sleep’, but to find PEACE OF MIND. Take time to rest, after all ‘All works and no play makes Jack a dull boy’.

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