ABOUT MANTIS EYE Mantis Eye IS an entertainment show that seeks to change the African narrative by telling positive stories of Africa and its people. Lots of foreigners seem to have a negative conception about Africa and Africans because of the way the media has presented the African news and stories, but we hope to use this channel to change that narrative, a story at a time by producing unbiased and real Afrocentric contents.
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Welcome to a new decade, let me introduce you to one of the best entertainment show you won’t want to miss in the year 2020 to be Anchored by @Jaydcrowns “Mantis Eye” is a show geared toward changing the Nigerian narrative and Africa at large by bringing to the fore stories that matter.

The show-through documentaries, interviews, and talk shows aim to change the perception about Africa for the better while showcasing her deeds and accomplishments.

Mantis Eye is a production of Ideascope Media, a media and service providing company that transforms ideas into reality. Mantis Eye is on a journey with the ultimate goal of taking Nigerian and Africa to the world!

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