It is impossible to live life without trying new things; taking risk and possibly experiencing failure. We all fail in diverse ways.

The failure rate of the human race is 100% certain, everyone qualifies to be a member in the club of failure. Some in marriage, friendship, academics, relationship, work place, family etc. At least you will experience one of these as a member before the ultimate one which is death.

But then, there is a twist, only the risk takers who overcome fear becomes the pace setters. You can not succeed in life if you give in to fear. If you can dream it, you can achieve it.

Fear is the only obstacle between you and purpose. Step in boldly, take that giant stride, PUNCH and CRUSH every obstacle called FEAR. Only then will you find your way to the Top among great Men fulfilling PURPOSE. #SAYNOTOFEAR #SAYNOTOWORRIES #STAYHAPPY.

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